How Do I Make Sure Next Year Is Better Than the Last One?

31 Dec

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

If the last 365 days were good for you – well done!  Keep up the good work.

If not, here are a few tips that may help you get back on track for the next revolution around the Sun.  You probably won’t like them, but they are the reason you’re here. 

1. Work harder.

If you’re failing at school, college, Uni or keep getting fired from your job, chances are you’re just not taking it seriously enough.  Man up, get your thumb out of your butt and realise that opportunities don’t just come to those who wait, but those who go after them.  Most people who pass exams/get promoted are not smarter than the next guy, they just work harder than the next guy.

Unless you’re happy in your dead-end job earning just enough to buy booze on Saturday.  I mean, good for you if that’s enough.  Good luck retiring on the state pension.

2. Stop sleeping around.

If you’re in a relationship and you’re cheating, grow up.  If you’re single and desperate not to be, having lots of sex is a sure-fire way to get labelled as ‘not long-term relationship material’ for both males and females.  Maybe that’s why you haven’t managed to find a stable partner last year.  ‘Friendzone’ isn’t a dirty word, it’s a way of getting to know someone.  Just a thought.

3. Quit whining.

So last year was crappy for you, was it?  It was crappy for a lot of other people too.  But they got up and did something about it rather than sitting on Facebook/Twitter/social media of choice complaining.  Which leads us nicely onto the most important one of all…

4. Take responsibility.

The path that led you to this day is made entirely of your own decisions.  Your problems are your own.  Your choices are your own.  They way you deal with the situations you encounter is – you guessed it – your own.  And until you stop blaming everyone else, or ‘life’, or ‘karma’, or ‘fate’, your issues will always control you rather than the other way around. You got yourself here, and equally you can get yourself out to wherever you would like to be.  And finally…

5. Change.

Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.

You probably stick with a New Years’ Resolution for about 4 days and wonder why the rest of the year is the same as last, right?  Hm.  Why on Earth could that be happening?

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