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Is it possible to use time travel to create an entire army of clones and take over the world?

For clarity of method, here’s the question in full:

After watching the documentary ‘Looper’ at the cinema recently it got me thinking…

When time travel is invented, if I was to transport myself 5 minutes back in time I would meet myself from 5 minutes ago. So there are now 2 Mes. If the Me from 5 minutes ago waited for 5 minutes like before, then transported himself back in time 5 minutes… There would now be 3 Mes.

So using this time cycle is it possible to create an whole army of 1000′s of Mes which I could use to take over the world?

Yes, this is possible. However, it’s not as fantastic an idea as it may seem at first. Let’s use some diagrams to wrap our heads around this.

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