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Why are there night people and day people and why can neither understand that not everyone is ‘full of beans’ at the same time?

You wake up to an alarm that’s too loud, scrape yourself out of bed and look out of the window only to see chirpy people who have been up for hours jogging, or walking the dog.  Or the opposite; you wake up at 7am sharp every morning feeling fine and feel frustrated that your partner is snoozing and would get in a grump if you interrupted.

Why are we all so different?  And why can’t we all just get along? Read the rest of this entry »

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Why do cats love to sleep on important paperwork?

Piles of paperwork – and for that matter laptops and important or engrossing tasks of any kind – are not likely to be the most comfortable places in the house to nap.  Cats must have an ulterior motive for getting right in the way so effectively.
Bond movies and the internet have influenced our opinion of cat behaviour significantly in recent years.  We are led to believe Read the rest of this entry »
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Why do people snore after they’ve been drinking alcohol?

As people drink there are certain common effects; they get clumsy, they get loud.  They forget that some things are better kept private.  They think EVERYTHING is an AWESOME IDEA.  And they eat a takeaway, go to sleep somewhere (hopefully, but not always, indoors) and wake up suffering for it.
But it doesn’t take that much drink Read the rest of this entry »
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