Why don’t you ever see white dog poo any more like you did years ago?

18 Mar

Does anyone want a doggy bag?

Over the last couple of decades, the world has seen a lot of changes.  There is a plethora of advanced technology, new farming techniques, and different methods of food preparation.  We’ve also seen the advent of new diseases sweeping the country and even the world.  All of these changes filter down to our little doggy friends.

Dog poo, unsurprisingly, is mostly affected by what goes into dog food.  Years ago the industry was not as strictly controlled and the factories could put in pretty much whatever was going cheap.  It was often a lot of ground-up bones, particularly chunky beef knuckles, resulting in a high quantity of calcium being present.  When dried out, this white, chalky mineral made dog poo white.

This changed with a combination of two factors.  Firstly, the safety standards for food products became more stringent when the government learned that homeless and poor folk ate cat and dog food as a cheaper alternative to meat.  Then when BSE (mad cow disease) came to the UK, manufacturers had to avoid certain offal and blood-bearing beef products.  Due to bone marrow being a high-risk item, ground bones were off the menu.  No more calcium, no more white dog poo.

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