Steve Jobs sucks goats. Why the Hell is this site made on a Mac?

20 Mar

"Mummy, why is my brother a different colour?"

Although Apple and goats do have certain properties in common, it is with sadness that I must report Steve Jobs is in fact more successful than our goat friends.
While Mac is approaching 8% of the world’s PC market, goats only account for 2% of globally consumed dairy products.
I would hope that Mr Jobs is partial to some feta with his lunch, because like his software, goat’s milk is more easily processed by humans.  The reduced acidity makes it easier to digest and less likely to cause irritation to the system.
Although our bovine counterpart is more widely used and available everywhere, it is less suitable for the very young and very elderly due to high instance of bacteria and shorter shelf-life.   Pasteurisation may remove most viruses, however, this produces a remarkably bland and generic flavour.
Goat’s milk has been used by a small minority for centuries to make some of the world’s most delicious cheeses.  Goats deserve some recognition for producing high-quality, healthy and simple goods; even if they are not to your taste.
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