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What is the secret of time-travel?

There are things that we, as humans, find difficult to comprehend.  We live only finite lives, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.  As a result, it is extremely difficult for us to comprehend the full extent and meaning of infinity… The first question we come out with is, “But what came before the beginning?”  We have no experience or understanding of things that don’t have to start somewhere and struggle to come to terms with it (without the use of illegal narcotics or possibly decades of isolated meditation). Read the rest of this entry »

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I think my stuffed bear is actually an evil genius trying to take over the world. How can I be sure of this?

A sticky situation indeed.  You need to start by asking yourself a few simple questions.

1.  Do you often feel tired, particularly in the mornings, or find it difficult to drag yourself out of bed?

–  This can be a sign that your bear is testing out new biological weaponry or anaesthetics on you.  Try leaving the window open a smidge overnight to prevent buildup of toxic substances. Read the rest of this entry »

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How do they get helium into canisters?


Well, no. It would be much simpler if it worked that way but unfortunately helium is awkward. Read the rest of this entry »

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What have we missed about the time of the dinosaurs? How did it start and end?

God said, “Let there be light.”  He proceeded to create the Earth, the land and seas, plants, trees, and some damn beautiful scenery.  (Of course He had a few naps in between.)
And then God said, “Let there be dinosaurs.  One week is a harsh schedule and I deserve a break to play with them before Lucifer’s sudden yet inevitable betrayal.  Besides, it’ll really screw with the Young Earth Creationists.”
So God was a few billion years late with Adam and Eve, but He thought Read the rest of this entry »
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Sometimes I think life would be easier if we lived in space. How would this affect our society?

Now that's what I call heavy metal.

There are already several commercial companies to send tourists on space flights into the upper atmosphere or Low Earth Orbit (LEO).  It is a small step from there to an orbital station for short stay or even weekend trips.
Once the infrastructure of this kind of space holiday is in place, it will become cheaper to provide and so attract larger numbers of visitors.  The stations will expand, and Read the rest of this entry »
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Now that it’s possible to have a sex change, how will I be able to change into a duck?

I think the real question here is; are you prepared to spend the rest of your life eating nothing but watercress, bread, and the odd insect?
If you decide that the life of a duck is for you, it’s a long and painful journey to complete your transformation.
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If frogs could talk, how would this affect the economic situation we are currently in?

If frogs could talk, they would be far more concerned with revenge against French chefs than the economy. That said, the arms race and resulting war would probably provide a sweet economic boom.

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How can I shaft O2 and get them to give me a better deal on the iPhone?

You will need:
An inferior touchscreen phone,
Some tinfoil and polystyrene,
A soldering iron,
An empty iPhone box and
Imitation O2 contract paperwork.
Jimmy the phone until it looks like an iPhone.  Download a photo of the iPhone home screen and use this as the background wallpaper.  March into the O2 store and make it very clear from your manner that you are rich and irritated.  Complain that this is the seventh time your iPhone has needed repair and you are very unhappy with the quality!  Tell them that you considered litigation for breach of contract since they have failed to provide you with the suitable working equipment you paid for.  However, you are prepared to resolve the situation calmly if they will simply sell you a second contract on the newer iPhone 3GS at a cheaper rate.
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